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grass[STORY] 04.08
Back to the estate
[Southampton UK]

"...When we get round the word it's really inclusive. I don't stand up and preach to them, I actually sit with them and give them the opportunity to share what God is doing...."

misty tree[STORY] 01.04.08
In the WILD
[Coventry UK]

" the spirit of the message I remove my trainers and socks and step into the building. It's clear that multisensory is the watchword here - I can hear recorded bird song, I can see some artfully-placed farming tools, the ground does indeed have a circle of soil to place your feet on and somehow even the authentic smell of farmland is present..."

grass[STORY] 04.08
Thoughts from Hartbeespoort
[Hartbeespoort :South Africa]

"...we must try to question every tradition that is part of our christian doings. Is the things we do really Christian things or are they church stuff?...."

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[RESEARCH] 04.08
In what ways can Alternative Worship communities engage with the spiritual needs of both church leavers and non-churched seekers?
HANNAH DEAVES interviewed by Ian Mobsby

"...although those leaving the established church and those with no church background in some areas were looking for the same things in other areas they have very different needs..."


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