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Image from Present Testimony Ministry website[STORY] 08.05
Away From and Toward: Emerging Hope and the Dreaming of Dreams

New Zealand

Paul reflects on leaving church, being unsettled, enlivened and on finding resonance with Alan Jamieson's A Churchless Faith.

And one you may have missed...
If you enjoyed this month's feature story 'Open space', you may also like Paul Thomson's story of how a group of kids on an Aberdeen estate in the 1970's unexpectadly found God:

[STORY] 10.03
The 'E' at the heart of emerging
Edinburgh, UK

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[STORY] 08.05
Open space


From a sink estate somewhere in the south... what do community woodland, organic vegetables and the emerging church have in common?

...should anyone be paid to work for the church full time?...

KESTER BREWIN asks the big questions and he's our 'blog of the month 'PICK OF THE BLOGS



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