[STORY] 12.04
A manifesto for Corporate Worship
home : Oxford UK

this is a set of values that relate specifically to our times of gathering together, as a community of faith, to express corporately our worship of our God"

I Am the Truth
Text, Hermeneutics and the Person of Christ - An essay by Maggi Dawn.
SPACE : New Zealand

"Maggi encourages us to dare 'to step towards God on the shifting ground of intellectual enquiry,' and one could also add, upon the shifting ground of significant discontinuous cultural change..."


Here's how it works: we're inviting you to submit a series of no more than 5 photos on the theme of "Emerging @ Christmas".

Here's how it'll be judged: We'll publish all the entries in the January edition of this website. There'll be a poll set up in the discussion forum for the remainder of that month. Everyone registered on the boards will be able to cast one vote. The entry that receives the most votes wins the prize!

Here's what you might win: 'Fractals - Alternative Resources for Worship in the Emerging Culture' CD-Rom. Read more about Fractals...

Here's how you enter: Email your photos to: competition@emergingchurch.info

Here's the small print:
Photos must be taken by the sender or as a group effort and sent with all the participants permission. Photos may be scanned prints, digital or mobile-phone images but must be no larger than 200k each when saved in JPEG format. Digitial manipulation other than cropping and resizing of images is not allowed. You may enter only once. You are permitted to submit one paragraph of supporting text along with the photographer(s) names and their church (if appropriate) and location. The deadline for submission of photos is 5th January 2005.

So what are you waiting for? Get snapping!

[STORY] 12.04
Mind, Body and Spirit
Sanctus 1 : Manchester UK

"'Your aura is all sparkly' was the first comment that I received after I had prayed with someone at Manchester's annual Mind Body Spirit fair. This is the place where spiritual searchers come to explore spirituality. Sanctus1, an emerging church in the city centre of Manchester, decided that they should also be there to offer a Christian alternative..."

...even though I’ve found a way of “doing church” that is more meaningful for me, the big goal is finding a way to make it accessible, inviting...

Rachael Mee-Chapman blogs about the Seattle-based community 'ThPM'. This month's

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Note: The January 2005 issue of emergingchurch.info will be online on 10th January 2005.

Have a peaceful God-filled Christmas


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