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When 'GOOD' becomes the enemy of 'BEST'

Auckland : New Zealand

"Imagine you are walking on a path though the forest, and your goal is to get to the beach. You reach a point where the path splits into 2 paths, and you canít see the beach, so you are unsure which way to go..."

David explores why the church usually settles for 'good' - and how that could be at the opposite end of the spectrum to 'best'.

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Virtually emerging [2]:
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'Alternative-Emerging' is an email discussion list that grew out of the UK/Australia/New Zealand alt.worship communities. We asked its members what they valued about being on the list. Maybe you'll like to join them...

[The second in our mini-series of how digital technology is resourcing and transforming the emerging church.]

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revive : Leeds UK

What exactly did Jesus do with those 40 days in the wilderness? A new CD-Rom resource brings a fresh perspective
to a familiar story through comic art.

We chat with illustrator Si Smith of Leeds church revive.

...perhaps we went wrong when church was reduced to a service... event based Christianity... my curiosity now asks how real church exists outside both the traditional 'event' and the 'cultural cafes' of the emerging church.

Garth [emergingblurb. blogspot.com] asks 'where is multi-generational church?': this month's PICK OF THE BLOGS


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