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grass[STORY] 02.08
Breaking up fallow ground
[South Wales UK]

"...we felt it important to humanize Jesus so to speak and participate in breaking down the stereotypical barriers that the church has engrained..."

misty tree[REFLECTION] 02.08
Regifting grace: should I give up what I don't deserve?

"...what if our world was such that we all got only what we deserved? Every time you deserved something good, you'd be rewarded. Every time you deserved something bad, you'd be punished..."

stories from the virtual cafe

Becoming mission-shaped

"For years I have been banging on about the need to be far more relevant, and needing to engage with contemporary culture rather than be indifferent to it or run away from it (which appears to come naturally to many evangelicals)"

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[RESEARCH] 02.08
Adpating mission and worship to the cultural landscape
SUE WALLACE interviewed by Mike Radcliffe

"People are profoundly affected by their cultures, the books they read the songs they listen to and their surrounding environment and these questions and thoughts will often take on a spiritual character because we are spiritual people."


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