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Metacultural workshops

Christian Radio : Internet

The emerging church has siezed the opportunity offered by the internet to explore, discuss and incubate ideas unconfined by traditional boundaries of location and social situation.

Over the next few months we're gonna look at a mix of the established and some fresh ideas [because YOU might want to join in!] - we begin with one of the latter: Aaron tells us how he's offering online workshop space as part of the ChristianRadio.me.uk project.

stories from the virtual cafe

Sick of convention

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Wendy pops in for a quick decaf and brings her emerging church surivial kit - but it's empty... find out why in the virtual cafe.

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[STORY] 01.06
Bona Fide Fire

Dreamers of the Day : Northern Ireland

Where art, faith and culture meet and mix...an opportunity to be refreshed, renewed and re-created...
Shane talks about starting with a fire inside...

[The second in our series exploring a new generation of training courses, seminars and experiences for a new generation of Church]

...a pulsing LED indicating a state of standby, a flickering pilot light, a welcome seeping though a crack in the door...

a excerpt from SAFE SPACE's (Telford UK) Pre-Christmas service. From Mark Berry at Way Out West: this month's PICK OF THE BLOGS


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