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malt[REFLECTION] 01.07
What is Emerging church, does it matter?
Denver USA

"So, what is Emerging Church? This is what people often ask me, and despite loads of "conversation" I still am unable to give what I consider to be a good answer..."

malt[ABOUT] 01.07
Emergingchurch.info - the next three years [PDF 93k]

Emergingchurch.info is free. And that's the way it should be - but to keep it that way we do need the odd few quid here and there. Why not take a look at our plans for the future and see if you might be able to help.

One way you can always help is to pray for the work of this website.

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[RESEARCH] 01.07
His Color is Our Blood: A Phenomenology of the Prodigal Father
Belfast, Northern Ireland
interviewed by Ian Mobsby

"...This process involved studying the Greek philosophers, scholastic thought, modern and then postmodern thinking. While the process fed my mind I must say that my research was primarily a spiritual discipline which helped to transform me (ultimately provoking me to start ikon)..."



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"...is a controversial, 21st century Christian movement seeking to engage people, especially the unchurched, living in postmodern or postcolonial cultures..."

from the wikipedia entry on 'emerging church'


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