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malt[EDITORIAL] 01.04.07
Nice to worship, to worship nice!
UK & Australia

The emerging church is about to gain mass media coverage. A new reality tv show will feature members of emerging churches in the UK and Australia in a bid to 'sex up' religious progammes. Popular presenter Bruce Forsyth is rumoured as a potential host for the genre-shattering show.

malt[STORY] 03.07
Ambient Wonder
Norwich, UK

"...we wanted to be a place where people who didn't know what they thought or felt about God could experience something spiritual in a way that relates to the rest of their lives..."

malt[STORY] 03.07
Joining the tribe...
Jim Gilmore interviewed by John Drane (Pt1)
Los Angeles USA

"...I think the debate about women in church leadership is overrated because I don't think there should be a debate. The rest of Western culture has figured out that there isn't a thing in the world a man can do that a woman can't do just as well. So why are we in the church lagging behind?..."

malt[RESEARCH] 03.07
...Burning the man
Jim Gilmore interviewed by John Drane (Pt2)
Los Angeles USA

"...I was reading Gibbs and Bolger's book on Emerging Churches and I thought, "hey, a lot of this stuff describes what they do at Burning Man... ...I've experienced more church at Burning Man than I have at a lot of churches I've been a part of."

malt[ABOUT] 01.07
Emergingchurch.info - the next three years [PDF 93k]

Emergingchurch.info is free. And that's the way it should be - but to keep it that way we desperately need some funding. Why not take a look at our plans for the future and see if you might be able to help with a donation or by passing on this info.

One way you can always help is to pray for the work of this website.

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The truth isn't sexy

"...At a recent event I took part in, someone suggested we hold a conversation entitled 'Is the Emerging Church middle class white boy intellectualism and mac computers or does it have a genuine concern for the poor and justice?..."


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