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A transcendent vision
Sue Wallace [Visions York UK}

"Last year, when the roof of our usual venue was being re-done, we migrated to York Minster crypt for a few months. We loved the space, and opportunities to meet new people that came from being in the Minster, although it was quite hard work doing a full service set-up every week..."

Stephen Dominy

"Prayerfeeder ( is a simple, powerful and free internet tool, designed to help friends, families and communities pray with each other..."

malt[ABOUT] 01.07 - the next three years [PDF 93k]
EMERGINGCHURCH.INFO is free. And that's the way it should be - but to keep it that way we desperately need some funding. Why not take a look at our plans for the future and see if you might be able to help with a donation or by passing on this info.

One way you can always help is to pray for the work of this website.

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[RESEARCH] 10.07
A Case Study Approach to Cityside Baptist Church as Christian Faith “making do” in a Postmodern World
New Zealand

I was tired of reading abstract surveys of cultural change followed by a few generalised comments. I wanted to explore what was actually happening on the ground, with people..."


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