When Rockstars Deny the Foundation of Religion
George Elerick

I lift my eyes up to the mountains, where does my help come from?* – King David, King of Israel “Ancient Egyptians viewed their pharaohs as living gods they were the personification of AMUN-RA the king of gods and when they died they became true gods. Therefore these pharaohs weren’t only regarded as the kings of Egypt but as divinity.”

Faith - Putting its Different Dimentions into Perspective
Philip Sudworth

"Faith is all too often presented as a matter of religious beliefs, of accepting ideas about God that cannot be proved except in one's own experience. Yet faith in its original meaning is much more active than this; it is about making a loving commitment, trusting and being faithful. If we explore the different dimensions of faith, we see that faith is so much more than an intellectual assent to religious propositions; it is more a spiritual adventure than a state of mind; a vision and a way of life rather than a creed. Faith is not static; just as we progress intellectually and emotionally, we develop spiritually."


The Problem With Hell
David Allis

"Hell is potentially a hot topic, and I approach it with some fear & trepidation. Yet it is an incredibly important topic, as, in it’s typically accepted form, Christians anticipate that many (possibly the majority) of people who have ever lived will spend eternity suffering there. Surely the expected permanent destination for so many people is worthy of careful consideration."

Convenient Amnesia: Has the Church lost her way?
George Elerick

"You slowly make your way through the ex-warehouse to find a place in the movie-style seating while the band is playing the number one praise song of the week. A week before, you handed over a couple of tickets and you casually strolled through the masses, into the standing room only gig and the band came out and everybody screamed. One is a church, the other is rock show, is there a difference? Should there be?"


Mark Sayers[REFLECTION] 12.08
Emerging vs. Emergent?
Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren interviewed by Chris Stoddard of RUN.

"I like to talk about a conversation rather than another division or model or slice of church. To me what's really exciting is the idea of a conversation that takes place amongst different kinds of people."


Mark Sayers[REFLECTION] 09.08
5 Things We Got Wrong in the Emerging Missional Church
Mark Sayers

"...Over the last two years I have been asking a lot of questions and critically reflecting upon this movement. The following points are my reflections on some of the mistakes that we have made..."

phyllis tickle[REFLECTION] 09.08
Hyphenated Emergents
Phyllis Tickle

"...In this "Great Emergence" there are churches, movements, and congregations that are frankly "emergent." That is, they are completely new conceptualizations of what "church" is to be..."

jason clark[REFLECTION] 09.08
Beyond the Emerging Church
Jason Clark

"...for some emerging church is too broad, for me it’s becoming too narrow and anti-church, at least in many of it’s UK formulations, or rather in ways that undermine it’s missional aspirations...."

jay winters[REFLECTION] 09.08
Has the Emerging Church Wilted?
Jay Winters

"...The emerging church movement may or may not be dead. Time will tell if initiatives like Dan Kimball and Scot McKnight's non-Emergent emerging church network will revive the churches that once called themselves emerging..."


misty tree[REFLECTION] 02.08
Regifting grace: should I give up what I don't deserve?

"...what if our world was such that we all got only what we deserved? Every time you deserved something good, you'd be rewarded. Every time you deserved something bad, you'd be punished..."


misty tree[REFLECTION] 01.08
"Beyond the Emerging Church: The End and the Beginning of a Movement"
Tom Hohstadt

"Something real and reliable matters! For when the ship starts sinking, everyone reaches for the life preservers..."


The Emerging Church in the UK : Personal Reflections

"Because culture in the UK is far more secular than that which is general in the United States, there has been an emerging church scene since the late 1980s responding to the gap between traditional forms of church and contemporary culture..."

Online worship as a mission tool

"The world wide web has placed a wealth of information and experiences at the fingertips of a huge number of people. Any topic you’re interested in can be ‘googled’ and the chances are you’ll discover at least something – even though you may not be able to guarantee its reliability. When it’s this easy, it’s understandable that the web has become the first place to start to look for any topic..."


malt[REFLECTION] 07.07
Bonhoeffer the postmodern?

The Bonhoeffer I have discovered in my research is one with whom I can relate to as a young adult. A reckless theologian with a passionate faith
... A theologian whose own personal reflections on faith caused him to feel an inner separation and drifting away from the other leaders in his own church..."

JULY 07:

malt[REFLECTION] 07.07
Fostering and Developing Entrepreneurs in Mission

There is currently a many voiced call to release the entrepreneurs in our culture… in the worlds of business and culture and, in some ways surprisingly there are voices in the Christian world too calling for innovation and innovators. Perhaps this is to do with the changing paradigm in which we live and breathe, perhaps it is the beginnings of not only a response to its challenges but a reflection of it’s natures.

JUNE 07:

malt[REFLECTION] 06.07
An emerging Christianity


As we enter the twenty-first century, participation in traditional Church life is on the decline as more and more thinking Christians struggle to reconcile the reality of the world they live in with the myths and dogmas of the traditional churches...

image by mordoc at stock xchng[REFLECTION] 06.07
A matter of trust


Humans are by nature skittish creatures. We tend to be wary of new things, seeing change as dangerous or at least something to be suspicious of. For that reason we approach new acquaintances with some trepidation – trust is generally not gained easily. Just like a points system in a sporting competition, trust has to be earned through effort...


“How (Not) to Speak of God as a Postmodern Evangelical”

“Theologies given birth within modernity will not transfer to postmodern cultures." -Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger - Emerging Churches. This quote should serve as an alarm for all those who profess to be evangelical Christians...


malt[REFLECTION] 03.07
The truth isn't sexy

"...At a recent event I took part in, someone suggested we hold a conversation entitled 'Is the Emerging Church middle class white boy intellectualism and mac computers or does it have a genuine concern for the poor and justice?..."


malt[REFLECTION] 02.07
Prayer is for life, not just for meetings
Andii Bowsher

Andii gives us an intro to what a 'rule of life' means and considers the lord's prayer as 'a jumping off point' for drawing up your own.


malt[REFLECTION] 01.07
What is Emerging church, does it matter?
Denver USA

"So, what is Emerging Church? This is what people often ask me, and despite loads of "conversation" I still am unable to give what I consider to be a good answer..."


Confessions of a Jesus Impersonator


"What do you do when a member of your church tells you she doesn’t see Jesus in you?"

Power of the Niche


"Since the beginning of civilisation humans have been organising themselves into groups. We can't help it, it's a part of our psychological makeup. And we're really, really good at it, better than any other animal on the planet."


Image [REFLECTION] 08.06
24 hrs in the Emerging Church

'Emerging Churches: creating christian community in postmodern cultures' is the result of 5 years research by Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger. At the end of Ryan's 1 week tour of the UK as part of the CMS blah... programme, some key folks from Uk emerging churches got together for 24hrs to engage in conversation with Ryan and each other. We were there to bring you a taster of the discussion that took place.

Language of the Blind

"A reflection on Christian language; what it has become and how it may limit our church effectiveness – inspired by ‘The Country of the Blind’ by HG Wells."

A VJ'S perspective of emerging church pt.2

In May of this year, Rob reflected on his experience as a VJ and integrating club style into church culture. He returns this month to respond top some of the questions and thoughts prompted by the article.

JUNE 06:

Image [REFLECTION] 06.06
Seeking meaning in a world of quantum leaps and fundamentalists
New Zealand

"...Religion’s quantum leap is to regard local experience as a valued partner in faith and not subject to the hierarchy of Scripture or tradition. It is context with a capital “C”, or perhaps more accurately Scripture with a small ‘s'..."

MAY 06:

Image [REFLECTION] 05.06
Deconstruction, Reconstruction, Prayer & Theology

"For some time now, I have been reflecting on the spiritual journey that many of us have undertaken and that many more are making. The gap between traditional forms of church and contemporary culture continues to expand, and many who turn to the Emerging Church are increasingly dechurched, as well as people who are not yet Christian (unchurched). What is most apparent is that there is a progression of spiritual journeying..."

Image [REFLECTION] 05.06
A VJ's Perspective of Emerging Church

"For the best part of a year I have taken a step back from using any interactive multi-media moving images (known as 'Vjing' for want of a better word) within the context of Church. I felt strongly that before I advanced my ideas and work any further, I had to re-evaluate my aims and what might be the best and worst possible ways to achieve them. In doing this I have had to ask myself some difficult questions, directly associated with this experimental form of teaching and worship."

April 06:

Image [REFLECTION] 04.06
Is there a 'pre' in emergent theology?


"I think we are asking as a community: What is theology? What should it do for us? To what end are we using it?

March 06:

Feminine Voice


"I am an articulate, educated woman. I saw places that my gifting could be used for the glory of God. And slowly, but surely, as I became more acclimatized to being a Christian, I began to see there was but a limited sphere where I could acceptably use those gifts."

Eruvundi asks if the emerging church will finally offer a fresh approach to the role of women in the church.

Image [REFLECTION] 02.06
Emergent Diversity

Winnipeg : Canada

"Diversity is an increasingly important value within the emerging church movement. This commitment to diversity, not only in EC, but also increasingly in the Body of Christ, is a positive reflection of the health and growth of Christianity in the world. God is calling us even deeper. "

Jamie identifies three themes that the emerging church has to take seriously if it is to be a missional movement.

February 06:

Image from Present Testimony Ministry website[REFLECTION] 02.06
When 'GOOD' becomes the enemy of 'BEST'

Auckland : New Zealand

"Imagine you are walking on a path though the forest, and your goal is to get to the beach. You reach a point where the path splits into 2 paths, and you can’t see the beach, so you are unsure which way to go..."

David explores why the church usually settles for 'good' - and how that could be at the opposite end of the spectrum to 'best'.

December 05:

Image from Present Testimony Ministry website[REFLECTION] 12.05
Emerging theology continued...


"Reading Ian Mobsby's piece on Theology for the Emerging Church (10.05) struck a chord. It made me think back over what we've been learning here at HARVEST new Anglican church. We've been doing emerging theology without realising it..."

November 05:

Image from Present Testimony Ministry website[REFLECTION] 11.05

Yorkshire : UK

Who came up with the greatest marketing strategy of all time? Clue: he wore sandles and lived about 2000 years ago... Chris explains that whether we like it or not, we're all in marketing now.

October 05 :

Image from Present Testimony Ministry website[REFLECTION] 10.05
Is there a distinctive theology for the emerging church?

Moot : London UK

All style and no substance? Ian explores the tension and inconsistencies at the heart of the emerging church.


September 05 :

Image from Present Testimony Ministry website[REFLECTION] 09.05
16 Lessons for Church Planting

Living Room : Melbourne, Australia

DNA, mission, incarnation, fun... Darren hesitantly collects 16 reflections from the first couple of years of LivingRoom - an emerging missional community / simple church in Inner North Melbourne.


July 05:

Image from Present Testimony Ministry website[REFLECTION] 07.05
An open letter to the emerging church

Present Testimony Ministry

Does the emerging church path ultimately lead to a rediscovery of 1st Century Christianity? Frank challenges the emerging church to look to its roots and get primitive.


May 05:

DIY spirituality and pop culture


...salvation slogans are just "noise" or "static" on the airwaves to the outsider. Simply accosting people and saying "Jesus loves you, Jesus died for you, Jesus saves", assumes that the listener already knows what you mean. It is like a spam e-mail, something to be immediately erased from the in-box...

Running from culture

Dothan, AL. USA

"M. Night Shyamalan's movie "The Village" about a group of people who chose to separate themselves from modern society In an attempt to live a life free of horrors. This is not much different from what many of our Churches have become..."

April 05 :

Immersed in emerging
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

"some distilled hopes from this year’s experiences..."

March 05 :

Post-modern African folk
International Teams : Paris, France

...many things seen by some as weaknesses in African church tradition (the importance of experience, worship, celebration, community, acceptance and grace, spiritual power, and the focus on the stories of the Bible) are strengths for operating in the emerging culture...
To clarify this 'journey'...
Winnepeg, Canada

I long for a church that is low-key. I’m tired of hype, I’m tired of noise, and I’m tired of intensity..."

February 05 :

The Complex Christ
MOOT : London, UK

"Our current crisis is more to do with the gap between contemporary culture and the church, which continues to widen. It is a gap or rather a growing ravine that goes as deep as paradigm, language, social organisation and hope. The church is not just out of step, it is often a museum for a past way of life." Ian reviews Kester Brewins 'The Complex Christ'

December 04 :

I Am the Truth
Text, Hermeneutics and the Person of Christ - An essay by Maggi Dawn.
SPACE : New Zealand

"Maggi encourages us to dare 'to step towards God on the shifting ground of intellectual enquiry,' and one could also add, upon the shifting ground of significant discontinuous cultural change..."

November 04 :

How is Emerging Church different?

"If I was going to give one easy to read book to church pastors/leaders for an intro to emerging church in the UK this would be it." so says JASON CLARK at emergent.typepad.com
 Take a look for yourself with this excerpt from Michael Moynagh's latest book.

Cafeteria church?
To All Nations : UK

"Should we hop around fellowships from week to week according to our mood? Should we have alternatives? Should we be able to select the ‘vibrant’ option with a side order of ‘challenging’ preaching?" Andy White (www.toallnations.org/blog) treats us to a taste of what cafeteria church might be like.

October 04 :

[MEDIA : Images]
No more tea vicar

branding is about clarity, communication, recognition. brands are succinct summings-up of what you stand for. most of the church doesn't have clarity, can't agree on what it stands for, is full of dissenting voices and loose cannons. successful branding requires coherence across the whole organisation, so that people receive the correct message wherever they touch it. everyone has to sign up, everyone has to be on-message. which isn't the church!"

London, UK

It is estimated by the UN that 2 to 4 million people are trafficked each year. 500,000 of these are women from all over the world who find their destination in Western Europe. But it’s OK, because on a national level we’re focussed on the laudable task of ‘nation building’; a necessary corollary to declaring war on an international axis of evil. Or is it OK?

September 04 :

What African Theologians can teach the Emerging Church

"How can we replace the project of relevance with the project of identity, and how might this change of perspective help the Emerging Church? How can we as Western Christians think through the questions of 'religious past' and 'cultural present' as the intersecting points of our identity rather than as a place for the project of relevance."

August 04:

The Body of Christ could use some sleep
(Or what the Church can learn from iTunes)

Vaux : London, UK

We must first believe that change is both necessary and possible. For many in the church, change is neither. Either their faith is settled, the Scriptures are clear and closed, their minds an eternal, spotless sunshine, or the task is simply too great, the institution too large and the energy required too massive for change to be thought achievable.

Corporate Evangelism
Living Room : Melbourne, Australia

"Jesus called his disciples to become 'fishers of men', people fished with nets not single fishing lines. They would take their boats out - throw out their nets and then draw them in towards the boat to be sorted. The net is like the relationships we have between one another..."

Emerging as a value
Baltimore USA

"As I consider the word emerging, I am much more comfortable with it as a value than I am with it as a movement. Now I know how these things get named. Truth is that unlike the Reformation the name “emerging” didn’t come about in quite the same organic manner. Someone somewhere came up with it as a branding exercise. But I happen to think that they got this one very right..."

Reflections in July:

Maggi Dawn :
In the church but not of it [07.04]
""There's a lot of talk about the kind of innovative 'party church' or house-group churches; there's lots of good stuff going on there. And there is another whole raft of people - me included - who have experimented with 'new forms' and ended up doing the 'emerging' thing within the context of the traditional, or institutional Church..."

Anna Aven : Mochachino theology [07.04]
"Many times as I have observed our culture I have called some approaches to spirituality "cut-and-paste" religion, and indeed, that's what it looks like.Some pull a little Zen, a little evangelicalism, a little orthodoxy and top it off with a smidgen of yoga as though our spirituality can be approached like our specialized drinks at Starbucks."

Reflections in June:

Jean Hassenforder:
Echoes [06.04]
"A new world is in the process of being born. In the West the religious institutions are struggling to follow the rhythm of change and often miss the point of the new aspirations of the society around them. Their influence is diminishing. In spite of them and right before their eyes renewal and innovation take place."

Jeremy Fletcher: Ritual is not a dirty word [06.04]
"Religious ritual is a more complicated matter than a caricature of dead ceremonies and antiquated language."

Reflections from the merry month of May:

Steve Collins : Network Church [05.04]
"If there's one single thing that characterises emerging forms of church across the western world it's that they are networked... It's the context and lifeblood of the emerging church, the arteries of the Body so to speak, and yet it's largely invisible to the existing institutional forms of church."

Matthew Glock : An incomplete manifesto for cross-cultural missions in the emerging post-modern culture [05.04]
"This is an incomplete document that gets added to from time to time. I'm glad there are a lot of folks around the world who are changing the way things were done."

April's reflections:

Jonathan Finley : The metissage of the church [04.04]
"Take off your Oakleys, dude, and maybe you’ll see the emerging metissage of the church. There's a whole world, a real world, going on outside your blogoshere."

Dan Hughes : A prolegomena to a living magna carta [04.04]
"WE HAVE LOST CONFIDENCE in what we are seeing, hearing and reading: too much infotainment and not enough thinking; too many Churches telling the same stories..."

March's reflections:

Andrew Hamilton : Are we there yet? [03.04]
"an overview of how the 'emerging church' has emerged so far... Its been an interesting journey with some signficant shifts in thinking having happened very rapidly already."

Steve Taylor: A to Z of emerging church [03.04]
"We seem reluctant to name the emerging church. Perhaps our naming yet lacks an alphabet. We need some A, B, C’s before we can spell the word."

February's reflections:

Jonny Baker : The Angli-CAN Church [02.04]
"Just occasionally something takes you completely by surprise..."

Andrew Perriman : Open Source Theology [02.04]
"Over the last few years we have seen a lot of emerging church rise to the surface in various parts of world - like bits of buoyant debris from a sinking ship... But with all this change going on, what is happening to our theology, our belief-system? Are we sure it will float? Or is there a danger that it will go down with the ship?"

Geoff Holsclaw : Lines of convergence: global-urban-postmodern [02.04]
"For the emerging church conversation to become more than a parochial, idiomatic exchange, it too should gaze upon the global, then urban, and only then the postmodern, seeking lines of convergence with the worldwide church"

January's reflections:

Ben Pattison : Incarnation: The emerging church at Christmas [12.03]
"At this time of year, a quiet battle is going on. The might of the corporations against a child in a feeding trough..."

Andrew Hamilton : A Call to Missional Revolution [12.03]
"The book 'The Shaping of Things to Come' by Mike Frost and Alan Hirsch is both an incisive critique of much current missiology/ecclesiology as well as a challenge to boldly re-imagine what it means to do mission and be the church in a post-christian age. This is a call to revolution! ""

Geoff Holsclaw : Post Community? [12.03]
"All things have become “post-” in our culture because the past is undesirable, but the future is unnamable. From post-industrial, post-literate, post-imperial, post-colonial, post-Christian, and post-modern, various labels are employed to describe this emerging culture. One “post-” we need to consider more closely is post-individualism..."

December's reflections:

Simon Hall : Doughnut Churches - a stupid way to be church or a sign of growth? [11.03]
"What happens when you try to build a Christian community that is made up of people who found themselves on the fringes of their former churches?"

November's reflections:

George Lings : What is 'Emerging Church'? [10.03]
"The phrase “Emerging church” is an attempt to express succinctly the re-imagining of church that has been taking place in the last 20 years as a response to our rapidly changing UK mission context..."

Matthew Glock : Words betray us... adventures in cross-cultural emergence [10.03]
"The constant instantaneous flow of ideas and information provided by the Internet emboldens those who want to see the church emerge and flourish in today’s world. It is pretty cool being able to post some thoughts on your blog and before you know it reactions come from around the world. The very strength of the emerging church blogosphere reveals its weakness. Much of what you read concerning the emerging church could bear the title, “The emerging church in the white, anglo, post-modern, post-christian subculture”.

Dave Wiles : Making disciples - the messy reality [10.03]
"What a mess I’ve made of this discipleship thing! On the basis that failure often unlocks learning I've reflected on aspects of my experience..."

Ian Mobsby : Emerging church for an emerging culture [10.03]
Given the assumption that we accept the validity of liquid modernity or postmodernity, then we need to face quite a challenge. Whatdoes it mean to be 'church' in such a brave new world defined by consumptionand individualism?"

October's reflections:

Gill Poole : Finding Places of Resonance [09.03]
"The summer evening sky has finally gone dark. The beach is quiet again. The action has moved into town where the surfers are clubbing through the night. Partying with them are members of Dawn Patrol. One of these young Christians walks up to a big guy in the nightclub because he says he has a word for him from God ~ and the big guy bursts into tears.."

Chris Vermeulum : The Emerging Church and Cultural Creatives [09.03]
"American Sociologist Paul H. Ray suggests in a study carried out in the United States in 1996, that something very significant is underway below the radar screens of the media..."

Stuart Murray-Williams : Emerging Churches in Post-Christendon [09.03]
What kind of church can participate effectively in God's mission and incarnate the good news in the emerging culture of post-Christendom, where the church is on the margins rather than in the centre?

Chris Stoddard: Reaching the Unchurched [09.03]
A few years ago a woman walked off the streets into one of our 'Sunday Night Live!' 'Seeker' services and took a seat at the front. Afterwards she was telling a team member how much she enjoyed the programme and then asked, "By the way, what is this place?" "Well it's a church," came the reply. "Oh no it's not!" she said. "I've been to a church once and, believe me, it's nothing like this."

Jonny Baker: A leap of Faith [09.03]
Jonny Baker finds jumping the rooftops of london a perfect metaphor for the emerging church...

Rowan Williams: Traditional and Emerging Church [09.03]
Rivals or friends, or something more complex? How can the traditional church relate to emerging groups? One man with more ability to influence this than most is the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. Read his reflections on the subject in these extracts from his recent speech to the General Synod...

Richard Sudworth: On the Outside, looking in? [09.03]
It is interesting how spending time in another country can give you a new perspective on your home culture. Since visiting North Africa, a region with a small and struggling Christian witness, it has been revealing to review the nature of the Church’s engagement with the post-Christian culture in Britain...

Richard Sudworth: How far can your imagination go? [09.03]
If there is to be hope amidst the despair of impotence, we must reimagine what the church can be. While studying many manifestations of the emerging church, in South Wales, three themes became clear.. These are reimagined worship, reimagined discipleship and reimagined building.

Richard Sudworth: Do you have any principles? [09.03]
What are the most important principles that underlie the emerging church? Based on substantial research among emerging church groups in South Wales, Richard Sudworth proposes the following...Whether you agree, disagree, or want to make some more suggestions, let us know on the discussion boards...

Greg Adkins: What is Alternative Worship? [09.03]
Does anyone have a "non-evasive" way of explaining alt. worship? I think I'm all about it, but nothing I've read or heard so far has sounded original or different than the most recent shifts in worship. Is it just me? Am I a loser or something? Greg Adkins responds...

Mark Barkaway: Running with the ball [09.03]
Thinking the unthinkable in times of transition...

Brian McLaren: Why I still use the word Postmodern [09.03]
Nearly everybody is sick of it. And no wonder, since it is used in a jillion different ways. Even among those who are more sophisticated in their understanding of the term, there is still a suspicion that if we aren’t careful, we’ll sell out and conform to whatever postmodern is, and thus prove unfaithful to the gospel. (As if we had the alternative of a culture-free version of the gospel, or as if we weren’t already sold out and conformed to modernity!)...



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